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Hand Trolley vs dolly: What is the difference?

In the workplace, manual handling of heavy machinery is the most common cause of injury. By providing equipment that makes moving heavy loads easier and more effective, you can protect your workers and your company.

But how do you make decision between hand dolly and the hand trolley?  Read on to understand each aspect and find out which situation best suits your company.

Hand Truck

Although often misnamed dollies, hand trucks are quite distinct. There are large wheels on hand trucks and they stand upright. They are L-shaped, reaching vertically from the back of the truck (on which the item lies). The bottom platform on hand trucks (where the item being carried sits) is smaller.

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You move the bottom platform under the object you are moving in order to use a hand truck manufacturrer in ahmedabad. You turn the truck towards you, then, so that it rests on its two wheels at the rear.

Hand trucks also come with additional wheels that kick out to make it a four-wheel carrier. For ascending stairs or laying the hand truck down horizontally, they may even come with attachments.


There is plenty to consider when comparing a hand truck vs. a dolly. A plus is the extras that always come with hand trucks. In addition, the vertical design allows tall options such as refrigerators and wardrobes to be quickly raised and relocated. For small products, hand trucks are also nice, as you can stack them easily and hold many items at a time.

Hand Dolly

A dolly is described as a platform truck with two axles and four wheels. Dollies are available in different styles and sizes. There is a kind for every need, from dollies designed to carry your baggage at a hotel or airport to dollies that tow vehicles.

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The only drawback to dollies is that they're off the ground. You have to lift whatever you want to carry onto a dolly, unlike a hand truck, which can slip under the object when on the ground.


When comparing a hand truck to a hand dolly, dollies can come in very large sizes, which can make them more useful. It is not designed for hand trucks to be very high. You can tow stuff like cars, boats, and more with a dolly, as described.

The four dolly wheels also make it easy to navigate and keep it balanced. Especially with dollies that have side rails, you will not have to worry about your item falling off.

What's Right for You, Hand Truck or Dolly?

As you can see, the benefits of both hand trucks and dollies. It will be decided by the needs of your business to decide between buying a hand truck or a dolly. You'll want to remember the scale, shape, and weight of the materials you're moving when picking.

Not sure which equipment would suit your requirements best? Check out kijeka catalog for goods or email us today. For transporting heavy equipment, we provide a wide range of material handling equipments.

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