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How Does a Kijeka Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Work?

The most common remote industrial lift is a scissor lift table. It may seem like a complicated team, but in fact the hydraulic lifting table is very simple in design.The hydraulic scissor lift table consists of five main parts:

  • Platform This is the top of the lift table where the product is stored. It can be available in different sizes.
  • Hydraulic cylinder – The most common industrial scissors lifts are actuated by one, two, or three single-acting hydraulic cylinders. These allow the lift table to lift and lower.
  • Motor or Power Source – Most hydraulic scissor lifts are powered by either an electric or air motor. These provide power to the hydraulic pump which actuates the lift table.
  • Base – This is the bottom of the structure that rests on the floor. It contains the track the scissor legs travel in.
  • Scissor legs – These are the vertical members that allow the platform to change elevation.
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Hydraulic Lift Table Operation

The Kijeka hydraulic scissor lift table is raised and lowered when the hydraulic fluid is pumped into or out of the hydraulic cylinders. When the hydraulic fluid is forced into the cylinder, the cylinder comes out and separates the legs of the scissors. 

Since one end of the inner and outer legs is connected to the base of the platform, the legs are exposed vertically to the platform. The secarshen end of the scissors is secured with rollers that rotate around the foot. Each time a lifting table is raised, it is supported by a water column. 

The lift table is straight because the fluid in the cylinder is stored by a single cylinder. The fast moving Scissor Table is the function of a hydraulic pump its rotating motor. The speed and force required to ascend determine the load on the engine, so horsepower is required. If the lift table wants to move quickly, it will consume a lot of energy. If the lift table is to have a larger capacity, even more power is needed.

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Lowering the Lift Table

Open the bottom lid and lower the scissor table to allow the liquid to exit the cylinder at a controlled speed. The car is under solanolin and is a "normal" type, which means it will shut down until the electricity is on. This function prevents the lifting platform from collapsing in the event of a power failure. When the solenoid opens the lower valve, the liquid returns to the tank. 

The low speed lift table has the function of controlling the fluid speed which allows the cylinder to be released. This is accomplished with flow control (FC). The FC valve receives pressure compensation, ie regulates the flow in a predetermined interval, whether it is high or empty. These FC rollers are durable or non-slip and are suitable for speed lifting on board. 

Contact us to find the right one? Review and update of Kijeka Hydraulic Lifting Tables you can find in our site, or contact us if you have any questions. we are happy to help you. 

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